(0:00-2:34)- Introduction 

(2:34-18:46)- NCAA Tournament, upsets, freshman as leaders 

(18:46-26:10)- NCAA Tournament blaming the officials, it's a life-long habit 

(26:10-35:49)- WBC and whether or not it is exciting

(35:49-41:11)- Max Scherzer's knuckle 

(41:11-47:59)- Tim Tebow, marketing in Minor League Baseball

(47:59-52:19)- College Football spring workouts, Naval Academy 

(52:19-56:20)- Dude of the Week 

(56:20-1:00:20)- Schlub of the Week 

(1:00:20-1:08:49)- Would You Rather (fan edition)  

(1:08:49-1:15:12)- Murph's snack facts, Weekend Appetizer   

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