(0:00-3:06)- Introduction: Lineup Card 

(3:06-14:49)- NCAA Basketball Championship, officiating, venue, fake fans 

(14:49-25:21)- Patrick Ewing, recruiting in college basketball 

(25:21-37:16)- Opening Day, Nationals, Tebow's HR

(37:16-52:07)- The Masters, Dustin Johnson's suspicious accident, Bubba, Rory 

(52:07-56:48)- Derrick Rose, Tony Romo, Would You Rather 

(56:48-1:00:28)- Furthur Would You Rather 

(1:00:28-1:06:43)- Schlub of the Week 

(1:06:43-1:13:30)- Weekend Appetizer  

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