(0:00-5:03)- Introduction: Lineup Card

(5:03-17:46)- The NFL Draft and why it's good and bad but mostly bad,  Sean's draft tale, possible new layout, Kirk Cousins 

(17:46-28:00)- NBA Playoffs, confidence in the Washington Wizards, three-pointers 

(28:00-35:23)- NHL Playoffs, Washington Capitals confidence because of round one, history with the Pittsburgh Penguins  

(35:23-46:01)- Infield Outfield with the MLB, Washington Nationals, Altuve and Hernandez collision 

(46:01-52:14)- Why it's better to work for PST than ESPN  

(52:14-54:34)- Schlub of the Week 

(54:34-56:49)- Dude of the Week 

(56:49-1:01:28)- Would You Rather (fan edition) 

(1:01:28-1:07:18)- Weekend Appetizer  

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