(0:00-3:45)- Introduction: Lineup Card 

(3:45-17:42)- Coach's Omelette, Fun in the NHL playoffs, Ovechkin trade? 

(17:42-27:57)- Wizards vs. Celtics, Bradley Beal and Isaiah Thomas,

(27:57-34:05)- Home field/court/rink advantage mystery

(34:05-50:06)- Infield Outfield, Battle of the Beltways, rivalries in sports, marathon games

(50:06-54:24)- Short Guy Sean

(54:24-58:42)- Would You Rather

(58:42-1:03:20)- Schlub of the Week

(1:03:20-1:05:23)- Dude of the Week

(1:05:23-1:10:39)- Weekend Appetizer

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