(0:00-3:00)- Introduction: Lineup Card 

(3:00-14:03)- PST Front Page: Wizards v. Celtics game 6, D.C. moments that nobody will remember, future of the Wizards,  

(14:03-17:17)- PST Front Page (cont.): Wizards v. Celtics game 7, philosophizing, fouling in the NBA 

(17:17-23:03)- Stupid team names, Sports hipster Scott, DI college sports mascots that do not end in S 

(23:03-34:11)- Infield Outfield: Nationals bullpen, Importance of a CF, corner guys vs. middle guys, extending starters, starters for two innings every game? 

(34:11-38:33)-Coach's Omelette: Game officials stealing attention 

(38:33-43:20)- Short Guy Sean, Spanish pronunciations 

(43:20-54:05)- The Players Championship, advertising in sports, PST sponsorship 

(54:05-59:30)- Schlub of the Week 

(59:30-1:03:20)- Would You Rather

(1:03:20-1:10:13)- Weekend Appetizer

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