(0:00-3:08)- Introduction: Lineup Card

(3:08-15:33)- Front Page: NBA Finals, super team, new rules, Warriors move to San Fran (Scotty doesn't know) 

(15:33-18:27)- Stanley Cup Finals, Pittsburgh population 

(18:27-26:02)- Mayweather v. McGregor, analogies

(26:02-40:56)- Infield Outfield: Nats, O's, leadoff hitters, safety squeeze

(40:26-48:02)- Coach's Omelette: Controversial coaching tips 

(48:02-59:10)- U.S. OPen, Blimps, PST as a PGA sponsor 

(59:10-1:07:01)- Would You Rather 

(1:07:01-1:13:06)- Dude/Schlub of the Week

(1:13:06-1:20:41)- Weekend Appetizer 

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