(0:00-3:50)- Introduction: Lineup Card 

(3:50-16:00)-Front Page: Is the NBA off-season more exciting than the regular season? Why? NBA trades. Steph Curry scheduled to play in the Web.com tournament. Today's youth not being multisport athletes. 

(16:00-28:41)-Dude of the Week- John Tumpane, Nationals Fan. Schlub of the Week- The NFL, Haotong Li, John Farell

(28:41-44:10)-Infield Outfield: Trea Turner's wrist. Miguel Montero's comment. Chicago Cubs attitude. Rookies who are raking: Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger. Tim Tebow to high-A. 

(44:10-48:24)-Would You Rather: lose an outfiled job to Tim Tebow or your PGA card to Steph Curry?  

(48:24-54:35)-Leftovers: John Wall, CWS- Florida Gators, dominant schools across the NCAA 

(54:35-1:00:32)-Weekend Appetizer

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