(0:00 - 4:50)-Introduction: Lineup Card

(4:50 - 19:37)- Front Page: Position-less basketball affecting the NBA offseason, It's Always Sunny metaphor, Leaving sporting events early, Passion for golf, Bringing girlfriend to a golf tournament, Appreciating pro athletes 

(19:37 - 31:51)- Schlubs of the Week: Angel Hernandez, Bernard Tomic, Anybody who steals sports memorabilia from a kid

(31:51 - 44:47)-Infield Outfield: Nats Bench, Dusty Baker combing Old School and New School, All Star final vote, Home Run Derby 

(44:47 - 49:51)- "Would You Rather": shag pop ups in the home run derby or pitch

(49:51 - 57:55)- Leftovers: Hot Dog eating contest, Joey Jaws Chestnut, Coach's Omelette, Future segment  

(57:55 - 1:01:50)- Weekend Appetizer 

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