(0:00-4:07) - Introduction, today's episode is inspired by glorified water, or Miller Lite

(4:07-27:17) - Nationals outlook, injury bugs, Rendon hitting sixth and how much that pisses off Grant Paulsen, Andre Beltre Mr. 3000, Unbreakable records in baseball because they used to play another sport, and throwback nights/how to improve them.

(27:17-38:26) - Happy Birthday Tom Brady, did Brady make the Patriots or did the Patriots make Brady? 

(38:26-48:51) - Training camp coverage, more CTE talk, New Segment: Michael Scott improv 

(48:51-57:01) - Leftovers: Gio's almost no-no, pitching to contact 

(57:01-1:02:30) - Weekend Appetizer  

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