Things we would have talked about this week: 

PST Front Page: Let’s be honest, the NBA draft really does not matter because the Finals for the next three years is already set.  However, we do get to hear asinine predictions based on nothing but projections.  Some sports analysts are held less accountable than weathermen.

Infield Outfield: 1) If you think Anthony Rizzo’s slide into Padres catcher Austin Hedges was dirty, then you are not a real baseball fan, and you should watch less soccer.  The Padres did well by not retaliating over an honest baseball play.  If this were any other player than Rizzo -who is one of the most likeable players in the MLB-  and let’s say Jose Bautista, who is one of the most despised players in the game, then yes, there would have been retaliation, and such revenge would have probably been deemed justified.  2) More people in Atlanta care about a grounds crew guy who races fans in the outfield during the seventh inning than the actual Braves game itself.  3) Aaron Judge is fun to watch, and he is leading the MLB in HRs right now, but he is only ten punch outs away from leading the league in that unpalatable category as well (11 strikeouts in his last 21 ABs). 

NFL: Derek Carr, enjoy being the highest paid player in the NFL.  You have earned it, but with the deadline less than a month away, me thinks it won’t last long.

NHL: The Las Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Draft. Sorry summer Hockey fans but cue the Peter Griffin “Oh my God, who cares?” soundbite.

Would You Rather: Have to be Dusty Baker and walk out to the mound to pull Max Scherzer out of a game after blowing a no-hitter in the eighth inning, OR be Buck Showalter when you come to the realization that your best starter this week was none other than Ubaldo Jimenez.

Weekend Appetizer:  College Baseball World Series.  The OSU Beavers have lost only four times this entire season.   When asked about this phenomenon, one of the Beavers' opponents, The Cal State Fullerton coach, simply replied “That’s ridiculous.” 

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